A Walk for Reflection


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Good Morning all you early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. During this time of year, my favorite thing to do is to walk among the winter trees. The stillness, the freshness of the snow….usually allows me to review the year that is ending and begin to look at what I wish for myself in the coming year.

While I may live in Florida now, I can project myself to a walk I have taken many times in my Grandmother’s woods. It is truly a sanctuary for me and even though I live thousands of miles away…during this time of year I wish I was there, to not only be surrounded by her calmness but also to enjoy the peace I find when I’m there.

As I get ready to leave for another weekend at the Flea Market & ask the “powers that be” to bless me with the numbers I need to allow the business to continue…I also know I can’t stress out over things I cannot control and so if I can relax & meditate to this place…I can only wish for those that need my offerings arrive or begin their journey’s to their version of wellness that may send them my way.

Have a fantastic weekend & please don’t get too stressed yourselves with the holidays approaching.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.


Day Trip #1 – Cullman, AL – Ava Maria Grotto


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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. As the year is nearing the end, I found myself under a great deal of stress as things continue to pile up & I need to renew things as well as recharge a bit.

I took a day trip up to Cullman AL with a friend because I had heard of a Grotto that contained miniatures of various buildings created by a monk there that certainly had creativity in his journey. I have included some of the photos below including the little surprises that were a nice find, such as Temple of the Fairies; Hansel & Gretel visiting the Temple of the Fairies to include a stone dragon; a Lizard Condo; and crossway just for chipmunks. There was also the leaning tower of Pisa and hanging gardens.




There was so much to see & if you ever get a chance to walk the grounds, it is a nice peaceful place. My friend & I also went and saw their hand done stone chapel on site and you could feel as you went (for those that may be sensitive to energies) a great deal of power in the area…it made us both feel a bit jumpy but not necessarily in a bad way….the inside of the chapel for me had me feeling a bit crowded even though it was empty and while my friend felt more comfortable and he even said he felt “safe” in there, I was more comfortable on the grounds but that’s because our gifts vary a bit; either way the place is teeming with beauty & creativity and perhaps a few souls still wishing to help. Below is a shot of my favorite stained glass window which has the sun, the moon, mountains, & a path…certainly interesting how things throughout the monastery has things that show natural elements, pagan symbolism, etc..where most people may believe some of the symbolism is purely for certain things but what we saw shows that sometimes you need to research for yourself & not just go by what you have been told.  My friend & I were also pleasantly surprised to find for sale in the Monk Store, a Trinity symbol mug


On our drive back, the miles seemed to go by much more quickly and before we knew it we were back home in Florida. We also found a few more sites we didn’t know were there in Alabama that we want to explore such as different wineries, a large 12 story high cavern, etc…so it looks like more day trips & perhaps a few overnighters are on the books in days to come.

Remember to take time and take a day away to forget stresses, ignore the cell phone and just see what is around, it certainly helped me to recharge just a bit & continue the hope for The Wandering Path to not fade into something I cannot do full time. Here is to hoping and thank you for listening. I have uploaded 64 shots of the Grotto & the stained glass windows of the chapel onto the “Owner’s Travel” section of The Wandering Path’s Pinterest site if you want to take a look. 

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings, Happy Wandering. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.



Reflections on the Journey so far


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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well, this past weekend was the first time I have tried working for 3 days straight at the Flea Market. It was certainly an interesting experience and also very tiring. While the in-person sales are helping I do admit I am starting to worry that soon I’ll have to return the business to hobby status if I can and begin the search for a full time job again. I enjoy doing this so much and I’m finally starting to convince people to try my teas, supplements, jewelry, aromatherapy etc…and even though it is exhausting doing all of this, it is something I enjoy doing..so I don’t really look at it as a “job”.

I have been happy to see others understanding why my oils may be a bit better than the others…as well as my prices are more than reasonable. I felt bad for one woman this weekend, she came up to my table and asked me to please hid my warmers…as her mother was approaching. It turns out her mother had bought the exact warmer the day before…in the mall but paid $50 where I charge $15. I had heard the month prior they were $25 in the mall but certainly never expected to hear of them as high as $50. Her mother of course saw it and got a bit sick to her stomach…I asked them to take a card and to please ask me first for things or choose of the options available to order.

This is a small business and I try to keep my costs down to allow me to list things at prices I would be comfortable paying…hence why my profit margins may be low but I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong if the price is higher just because I “could” do it that way. As I consider what I must do in the future to allow me to pay my bills (yes, mortgage must be paid), I pulled a quote I like from a book of poetry I have around the house. A reminder to me and perhaps to you as this year starts its final month.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.


Bit of Friday Babbling


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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I see that snow is falling in droves in the Northeast and it is chilly here in the South. I hope everyone is having a good end to their week. ‘

I almost posted a photo of the “kitchen pile” of beeswax, carrier oils, etc…but went with another nature photo as I went outside this morning. I have found if I feel “chilled” in the house, I take a step outside and sure enough, the inside feels downright cozy.

I have finally got a wind/rain tarp up at the Flea Market table stall but I was unable to get the expansion table & stand I wanted for this coming weekend. I know I still have time to drive a bit further to go and try again but I try to rest as much as possible on Friday’s as the alarm begins at 4 am for the Flea Market. I didn’t realize until I started doing this “in person” how tiring it can be. So props to all who have taken this business route.

I have been trying to change the point of views lately on “what” is at the Flea Markets. I have met many business owners at the one I set up at. The expenses of owning a brick & mortar have forced many to try smaller outlets. I chose the route first because I wanted to keep my costs down and hearing their stories of being forced out by increased rents and expenses made me happy at my decision to go a bit smaller & slower.

I am certainly hoping that more people continue to start supporting smaller & local based businesses as I know that I enjoy getting to know my customers, their needs & requests. I like being able to get in what my customers (and now many have become friends) need to enhance their outlook on life vice just being a “this is only what I got”.

I think things are more of a community that way…where merchants “care” about their customers instead of just the bottom line. Okay, enough of my Friday babbling; stay warm & enjoy your end of the week.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.


Mid-November Surprise


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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. As I woke this morning there was a chill in the air and I stood at my back door and spied something special in the yard. The grass is fading as Winter approaches but there was a patch of beautiful reds & oranges that greeted my eyes. I wanted to share the view with you. So I put on some fuzzy slippers and went outside and here is one of the photos I have taken as well as some words I put together. I hope you enjoy them. Soon I’ll have to be dressed and out the door for another weekend at the Flea Market. Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to venture outside to allow the still blooming colors of fall to greet your eyes.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.


Experimentation (Bunsen & Beaker Time) has begun!


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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I finally got some affordable jars & the supplies to begin the experimentation into creating some natural based hand/body lotion/creams. The description will become more defined as I begin the experimentation using different essential oils and creating a base to put them in (oh yeah I’m starting with the shortest list first ha!). If things go well, I’ll put them out this coming weekend at the Flea Market.  They will be made of natural ingredients so most will expire 3 months after being made as there are no extended preservatives but I am going to sell in about 3 oz amount (got 4 oz jars). If some do want me to ship them some, I’ll try to post the date when they are made (on FB &Twitter) so people can ask me to ship them out immediately for them so they don’t lose too much “use” time. 

I know the first batch I want to try is Vanilla Hazelnut primary as since I got that essential oil in…I’ve really wanted some lotion to help spread the smell even more. The other ones I think I’ll make during this first test round is either a Peach Mango or Ambrosia for a fruity one and then a Peppermint/Eucalyptus to allow for one that is not only good smelling but also healing to your skin; they are both antibacterial, antiseptic in nature and I’d rather use that then the “gel” stuff that tends to dry out my skin while sanitizing. Not to mention both of the natural treatment oils I plan to use are also good for sore muscles and such (aching feet anyone?). 

Okay wish me luck, and yes, I’m sure my volunteer staff are just waiting to watch me do an “oops”; oh yeah they gather about to “watch” me and give encouragement or the “dude summins’ burning/smells bad!”.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.



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