A bit of me…part 3


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Hello you pre-dawn risers. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path.

Today, I’ll end the “bit of me” look, as I’m sure I could keep going but I’m sure you’d rather I go back to my other types of postings.

I do both business and personal aspirations because I believe that often we all need reminders of how “we want to be” as well as things that remind us of the “joy” that is possible in life.

I don’t push the business stuff very hard, which I know isn’t very smart…but I only hope that things pick up as people understand what I want this business to be about. I’m not out to make a great deal of money; enough to cover the bills and hopefully allow me to open my own shop would be fulfilling my dream to take my passion for things from around the world and ways to help people feel better.

I’m just a warrior who fought for many years and saw the darkness of man…and the darkest parts of myself. I’m just doing my best to find my Serenity….to turn darkened skies to a gray and finally to a sky full of the colors that are possible. I don’t think I could do full sunlight..but I would love to have that colored sky to gaze upon and a reason to smile.

So, onto Soothing the Mind and Hearing the Spirit. I do stock a few decks of Tarot…and I own some myself. I see tarot as a way to not only perhaps hear from others but also…more importantly to hear my own subconscious. Often if I found myself consulting Tarot it was because something was bothering me and weighing me down and it would provide me a bit of information to think about and hopefully clear the foggy block I had that couldn’t allow me to see all the things that were bugging me.

I always have special boxes to keep trinkets or things such as my tarot in. Some people may find that odd but I found it easy to know that I kept things that meant something to me in a special place. As you’ve already seen many times, I carry many different jewelry types. My personal style is more on the Celtic and old world but I wanted to show you some of the unique things I’ve seen over the years as we rotate through some options before I settle in on a style.

As always, your requests can also expose me to another culture or style option…and I’ve found some of our new stuff because of this…the requests I got. It doesn’t hurt to ask, at worst I can’t find it in the price point comfortable for both of us…I do like to try to help fulfill a request, especially when it has meaning to someone.

Thank you for listening. Back to our regularly schedule program tomorrow…With a Raised Coffee Mug. BB! – Liza M.


A bit of me…Part 2


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Good morning everyone, I hope your week begins well. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path. Today, we’ll go into my “love of light”.

I think I do have quite a few candelabras, candle holders, sconces, and lanterns around my home. I also limited myself of purchasing only one of the Electric Oil Warmers I stock in the store..although I want at least one more for my bathroom….as it would be perfect for creating my own “spa” experience but also to use when getting ready for the day…the fancy essential oils are perfumes essentially…so, maybe soon I’ll use it when the weather warms; I love the idea of it going while I get ready and the perfume type oil scent into my clothes and hair without me overloading my sense by spraying/spritzing.

As you can see below, I do carry medieval style, to lanterns, and a bit more. The Santa Fe style, has the strongest warm vanilla smell even in the box; and of course I like the Scent Journey’s line and hope to carry more in the future. Candle light and the presence of a flame can be so soothing. Whether you enjoy a candle with a memorable or relaxing scent or surrounded by amber-style glass..if it helps you de-stress or create your haven in your home….I hope that some of what I have is your style.

Thank you for listening and sorry if I rambled a bit. More tomorrow…With a Raised Coffee Mug. BB! – Liza M.


A bit of me…Part 1


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Greetings to you all this early morning. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path. I apologize for not posting yesterday morning but I had to take a bit of a down time as the adverse weather does affect my body and while I may put on a brave face many days, there are others where I must take the time to rest.

I carry the selections I do because I believe that often we can combat many things more naturally and lessen the days where we must move slower or not at all because of the afflictions we have to deal with.

Over a decade ago, I followed what my doctors advised but found myself feeling the side effects more than ever and that led me down the different path to search out better ways to manage aching muscles, foggy mind, constant pain, and other symptoms . I also understand that each body is different and you must listen to it and find your own way to find relief with as little of those “side effects” as you can.

I was very fortunate to have an understanding doctor who allowed me to try different herbal blends and as long as the tests he ran came back the way he wanted them to be, then my chosen path was encouraged, especially since, yes, it did save me money.

The graphic below contains the current offerings I have, and while they are not all the blends I would like to carry….they are what I could afford to stock as I began this venture to help others perhaps find relief at a lesser expense than they thought. So, for today, this graphic is the overall of the herbal blends & vitamins I carry.

Thank you for listening, more tomorrow… With a Raised Coffee Mug. BB! – Liza M.


HA! Say Cheese & SMILE


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Happy Friday to all you worker bees. We hope your week is ending well. We saw this “photo booth” prank video and it began the laughter around here today as we all entered soaked to the bone. Of course we also go “nothing is free” so be ready to get pranked and enjoy the experience.

The weather has turned wet & cold yet again…Mother Nature has decided to douse us again down here. We’ve seen the crazy weather and heard from relatives up north on how the winter re-surge hit them…while we’ve had wet & windy weather down here..thankfully the Owner has planned for that new fence so if the old one continues to come down..it’s no extra worry for her; we just keep looking at the downed fence panels thinking of how to re-purpose them once the weather stabilizes so we can maybe build some planters or get that pocket garden in the ground. 

Enjoy your Friday, start your day with a laugh; the audio and faces made in the video is just classic. BB!

–The Wandering Path Staff

Never too old! Give it a shot!


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Hello Early Risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. This video is worthy of watching and show you are never too old to try something new nor need to feel as if you can’t live your life with laughter. Ria is my favorite and I can only hope to still have that adventurous spirit when I reach her age. These ladies remind me of my own grandmother…and I adore them. Brava to them for trying something they never have before and also showing us that even having a stranger with you can make all the difference in calming of the fears you may have. What a pairing..An & Ria. I hope you enjoy it.

With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB, Liza M.

Shadow Reflections


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Hello Early Risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path.

I came across an artist this morning that is just incredible. The ability to create something beautiful that hides an inner beauty is fantastic.

The art style by Greek Artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea is something that you will do as I did, and stare to see “how” that shape could be created with a shadow within the piece.

Viral Nova posted an article (linked on the Viral Nova name) on some of the work which again, some of them I just cannot see “how” it works…and I’ve linked up their Facebook page with their name which is where I pulled the image I am including.

Each of us have a hidden side and our beliefs are our own but imagine if a light was cast upon us how our shadow would reflect who we are. I know mine is still in many pieces, melding & moving…as I try to find my path to my own Serenity… and leave behind my previous life of War & Chaos. I was happy to find work such as this which can show how sometimes you need to look beyond just what you first see. 

Follow your path, let me and my Staff help if we can. With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB, Liza M.

The graphic below is from the Teodosio Sectio Aurea Facebook page. The light is creating a shadow on the wall from the sculpture. I wish it was larger but please visit their FB or the article on Viral Nova to view more of the work. -Liza M.


Random Acts of Kindness


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Hello Early Risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. This morning I was going to talk about making sure when you need it..to ask for help but instead I wanted to share an article link with you and one of the graphics that shows you that Kindness and Consideration does still exist.

These acts of Kindness (ty Viral Nova), especially those that directly help someone…are just fantastic. I know I would appreciate it if someone told me some of those things…or like when my tail-light is burnt out, the air in my tires is getting low…I know if I see something “off” about someone’s’ ride, if I can catch ‘em, I try to tell ‘em…save them from having an accident, a ticket, or just a bad start or end to a day. See the link above for 13 more acts..I’ve attached one of them below…one of my favorites. 

Follow your path, if you can help someone with a “forewarn” or “hey you dropped this”…do it…put yourself in their shoes…I’m sure you would appreciate it.

-With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB, Liza M.


Sunday’s…go explore


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As your Sunday begins…we just wanted to touch on the importance of friends…especially those crazy ones we all have.

Some of the greatest memories we have are when our friends have talked us into doing something that we probably never would have done on our own…and it turned out to be a great experience. It is always great to try something new when you are surrounded by others who have joined you (or you them) in a version of Wonderland.

Follow that white rabbit, explore that unknown realm. (We all have friends who would qualify as The Mad Hatter, the Dum’s, etc..) Explore your world..even just visiting an unknown area of your city or go in search of the best “dessert” in town can build great memories. Thank you to The Breast Cancer Site for the thought provoker & smile inducer graphic today.

Enjoy your day! BB.

–The Wandering Path Staff


Up and Down Paths…Keep at it!


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Do you ever have those mornings where that alarm clock…feels as if it needs to take a little flight? That was me this morning.

Hello all you early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path. No, I did not want to get out of bed today. Had a busy last few days…and even woke up with some sunburn on my shoulders and face because I spent too much time outside discussing the “lawn” situation…but here is to hoping their mass lawn clean up and fence put up…goes without a hitch.

This morning I came across a graphic posted by Sarah Robbins that has some notable people on it that we are all familiar with and had they stopped their pursuits of their paths…where would we be? I can also think of Edison, Tesla and other notable figures being on that list as well.

So, keep following your path and even if you are told you aren’t “cut out for it”…if you know you are..keep at it. With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB, -Liza M.



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