Exhausted…but Thankful


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First off, I apologize for being silent for so many months. Life has been chaotic and frankly…I’ve been running on empty…Exhausted in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. I try not to pass on negativity so I kept to myself and while the holidays approach, I am thankful for the continued support I receive online and locally…but I did have to close down the expanded retail space back to the smaller and cozy shop size as, unfortunately, buyers were few and far between in the past quarter. I cannot give up…I work too hard to just keep the shop going…to aid those that find me as well as those that seek my help. I say “cannot” because it’s is truly what I feel I should be doing…and the thought of closing the doors on options for all of you…makes me sad deep within. So…I am thankful for those that find me…that share their stories with me and allow me to help how I can. I am thankful for those that I find…that allow me to share my stories…and help me as they can. May you all have a wonderful holiday ahead and while life may seem to be a climb…may you find those that aid you to at least have stable footing for a time when it gets difficult to breathe.

BB to all of you! –Liza M., Owner, The Wandering Path.


DST – We swear…we’re awake…

While the ramblings didn’t occur again the graphic is still helpful. Try to aid the switch a bit easier…it’s coming! BB! Liza M., Owner.

The Wandering Path LLC

Oh Daylight Savings Time…you’re the person I most don’t like to see. If you are in a State that doesn’t recognize the need to throw the body clock off…lucky you.

The owner today misses when she lived in Hawaii and they did not “flip” this switch-a-roo. We know that many people don’t prepare the “ease in” to DST, we certainly didn’t so we went trolling for info on to maybe not make the switch so hard.

The recommendation to “exercise” got a lot of “I will kill you know with my mind!” looks but we did decide to give the short walk a try. We did grab the Springtime Tea we have here as it helps with grogginess and took a stroll around outside looking like a group of reprobates or drunken loonies clutching tea cups and seeming to stumble.

Of course the “trips” and “slips” got laughter going and…

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Adapt, Rise, & Thrive


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As 2016 comes to a close I began to reflect on the past year. It had many difficulties…from business worries; financial difficulties; health scares; and more. It was also full of new friends, adventures, and reminders of how life can be should you let it.

As I went thru a few of my photographs from my last Wander Wednesday I reflected why I adore Pine Trees so much. Yes they have ties to many cultures but also as a symbol of birth and renewal for me.

The way the trees here in the south bend and weave to accommodate the trying weather conditions made me think about how sometimes we are too rigid in how we handle situations in life.

We don’t like to bend or divert our directions…sometimes fighting so hard to stay on one direction of growth rather than recognizing there may be another way to reach the light we so need.

As I look at taking chances in 2017 in hoping to allow the business to grow I must remind myself that by doing so I am acting like this pine tree…I am seeking to change direction slightly to allow me to hopefully reach the light much easier rather than standing still and perhaps not allowing myself to grow as quickly or fully as I could.

Brightest Blessings and Blessed Be to you all and I hope the reflections on 2016 are positive and allow you to see how perhaps you could make 2017 another year of growth for you.

– Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.

A Time to Gather


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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As Fall and Winter continue to battle to decide who reigns down here in Northwest Florida…I am using that time to gather items. Finding and gathering various plants, dried berries, bark, and other things that need to be in my herb cupboard I was happy to finally be able to get the glass vials to store them in.

Spell crafting can often be strengthened by using various things from around your home or area, especially those places where you feel a connection (energy boosting; peace inducing; calming currents etc…). It did take me a few years to locate and be able to stock these vials to share with you and however you wish to use them…as wish bottles; herb storage; even spell preparation storage (which I hope to do some simple ones for you…already prepared and ready for you to uncork, pour, speak, light and send forth).


However your path is, if you find use for these they are now available on the Webstore.

Such is this Zen Celtic Druid Witches Life.

Brightest Blessings and Blessed Be!

– Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.

Wander Wednesday – Chain of Lakes Nature Trail


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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well funds are little low this week but my need for a Wander Wednesday was stronger. The Pendulum chose for me to go to someplace close…Blackwater River State Park.

Normally, I don’t go there as it is so close…usually full of people etc…and yes, I did ask the Pendulum about other locations to go to…and it gave me “NO” on those…and pretty strong ones so off to Blackwater I went. It was a nice easy drive and less than an hour away.

I arrived and the first parking lot I saw was empty and so I backed into a space that was actually further away from the pay box (it’s honor system style…it’s $4 to enter and of course I always pay it as it’s more than worth it). I get out of my vehicle and silence of nature welcomes me. You hear the insects and birds…the sound of the river flowing and that was all.

The park was not completely empty as some motorbikes and campers went by but that is to be expected as this location is big for fishing, canoeing, biking, hiking, etc… Unlike the other parks the signs for the trail entrances are not readily evident so I did take an information map and as I walked back to my SUV I noticed something interesting. I had chosen to park…right in front of a tree shaped in a giant Y…and the only one in the parking lot that also happened to be white bark and the sun was peeking thru…so I admit I took a shot and put it up on Instagram with the caption “Gimme a Y!”


I knew then that the Pendulum, my conduit to my higher self, chose well and this hike was going to be good. I did take a shot of the bridge that I could have chosen to cross until I noticed a trail entrance and…its atmosphere beckoned for me to head that way. Path to explore chosen.


Before I started though I got a tiny detour by an older gentleman with a lovely white beard riding a bicycle. He commented on the weather (a nice high 70’s, low 80’s…great weather in this normally balmy south) and he was in the mood to talk about many things…where the rides his bicycle to….how taking his doctors advice has actually been really good for him (it’s why he started riding) and he even divulged some things from his personal background. As we ended our conversation I entered the trail ahead while he continued on his 8 mile ride…so never think you’re too old or too outta shape to start exploring…he started riding that bike when he was near 300 lbs and while yes he still carries some weight…it obviously has helped him with his physical health but also his mental well being.

The Chain of Lakes Nature trail begins by following the river with many side paths that you could use to pause at the rivers edge or some even to enter the water. You do have to watch how you walk as it is very root filled…which for me reminded me of the Aiea Loop Trail in Hawaii and the nice thing if you have never tried it…if you step properly it’s like a really really good foot massage.

The large driftwood/downed trees near the river’s edge made me so wish to come back and see if I can harvest any of it to build/carve/craft some things hehe. The small swampy areas brought forth images of fairy tales and overall it is a nice walk…with a few bits that yes you need to mind your foots; watch for the spider webs; but if you enter where I did the ending trail grade would make it okay if you are feeling a bit tired. The ending portions after you exit the river edge trail area is nice and open with a wide path bordered with flowers, bushes, butterflies and pine trees. Below are some more photos and I hope you enjoy them. BB!

–Here is to hoping you find your own way to Wander Happy & find new places to Explore. Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.



Birth of Wander Wednesdays


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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. After I returned home from that Wander Weekend I realized I needed to make sure I took time for “me”.

Working 6 days in a row..and while I adore my business and interacting with my customers (new friends) I needed to make sure to keep my own “even keel” and be helpful to others I needed to try to find a way to do something for me to de-stress regularly.

I decided that since my one day off a week was a Wednesday…I would turn that into Wander Wednesdays. I would stop at the places that looked interesting; use the pendulum to choose or see where the journey took me where “getting lost” led to some interesting sights.

I’ve even started offering the option for people to come along with me…and they could even offer up places to go see but with the rules that it has to do with nature; not cost a lot of money (I would take care of gas & any entrance fees) and that it be within 150 miles to allow for return by 2pm local time and the “turn the cell off or put on airplane mode” as a stipulation. I have had people take me up on the option and other days I just go by myself but I am thankful at how much I de-stress & relax in just those few hours once a week. I hope you find ways to disconnect from the noise & rejuvenate yourself as I have.

The Wander Wednesdays that have happened between the Wander Weekend and now..have taken me (and others) to a Waterfall; a hike thru spider prone woods (ha!); an unexpected “got lost” 4-wheeling trip around backroads where I did see some interesting things (a gorgeous bird on sentry duty; an Air Force Jet on display in a park etc..); and another heat beat at a chilly lagoon (oh yeah hyperventilate when you get in..it’s that cold!).

Rather than trying to upload quickly details of each trip, please see my other social media sites (instagram & facebook) for the entries or photos. I will try to write up Wander Wednesday’s after each trip so you can follow along. I promise to try to take you along more often through this blog…and share more details on what I’ve seen; felt; heard; perceived. BB!

–Here is to hoping you find your own way to Wander Happy & find new places to Explore. Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.






Digital Camera

Wander Weekend – Day 2 – Caverns


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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As I continue the recap of what occurred last month (July)…I do apologize for not getting to it after I got back…but better late than never.

I did consult the map again as I headed into the 2nd day of my Wander Weekend.

Day Two: Where did the Pendulum land? Well I got my “yes” indicator closer to home…so off I went to explore Florida Caverns State Park. No, even growing up down here as a teenager nor in the last 8 years living here as an adult did I know about this place…so yet again…the Park Service to the de-stress me rescue!

As many of you know…or have noticed, I do prefer things in Nature…away from bright lights; loud noises; crowds; or perhaps it’s more that I like being away from too much “let me entertain you” concrete life…where cell phones don’t work too well & you can shut out the noises of: “work, errands, stress” and listen for the sounds of “life”…the call of the birds; rustle of leaves in the wind; falling rain.

Okay….this post has a great deal of photos attached to it. To say I enjoyed my brief hike & tour of the Caverns is an understatement. I’ve attached first the some of the photos of the underground cavern tour (beat that heat by going down on this 45 min tour…well worth it…just mind your head). After the tour…I did a short hike until the thunderstorms overhead threatened to soak me for the rest of the day.

The trails are well maintained and not too rough. The scenery is gorgeous and the ability to see some other limestone carve outs was quite interesting. There is definitely a good vibe to this place and I will definitely be back especially since it is just a few hours from my home. Thank you to my higher self for telling me via my Pendulum a perfect ending on my de-stress birthday Wander Weekend. Keep scrolling for a grid to the photos & see my other social media pages for ones I uploaded while on the trip as well.

–Blessings to you all & here is to hoping you find your own way to Wander Happy & find new places to Explore. Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.