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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. The past week has been a bit “strange” for me but in a good way. I have met many individuals lately in search of things…whether it is a way to find balance, treat some health concerns, or even dealing with spiritual energies.

I have found that by sharing my own experiences with them has allowed them to feel more at ease with what is happening with them. I always share what tricks I use to help especially with health concerns but also on my point of view on certain things that people can hold onto. Whether it is a lack of a positive relationship, aging, not achieving things that most people may consider standard (i.e. children, career, etc…)

Not everyone has the same path to travel or achieve the same milestones that others do in their lives. I just remind those people that there is a way to look at things & that getting different perspectives can change their whole outlook on a situation.

By listening & helping one another during difficulties you may find that you’ve given that key piece of a puzzle that allows someone to avoid a mishap you’ve experienced or helps them let go of something they’ve held onto that was weighing them down. I also found this to be beneficial to myself as if I can give the advice, I also need to follow it…as well as hear what they have to say as it may help me with my own path.

Help one another…sometimes what you say will impact them in ways you never even know….and don’t be discouraged if they still decide to take a more difficult road for some of us need to “learn” through experience as we are not ready to skip that step.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.




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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I listed my call-out for my locals to let me know what their essential oil requests are for this week as I will be re-ordering via Facebook but I also wanted to let you know about one of the new incoming essential oils I will be stocking…it’s called Galbanum and I am eager to try it to see if it can help me (and others) with muscle spasms & arthritic pain. Plus, I also admit, the fact that it can help keep ants, roaches, & more insects at bay is a definite perk….fire ants inside really…suck. I hope you enjoy the information and be sure to follow on Facebook for more callouts (incense will be soon too) to make sure I try to get in the items you have been looking for.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.


Mind Fog


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I am still been so busy & wearing myself out that mind fog, exhaustion and overall “wth” has been setting in. I am sorry I haven’t posted anything other than tidbits on Facebook but I didn’t want to go to long without getting to my wordpressers….so at least for today, here are some of my tips on how I deal with my “mind fog” and here is to hoping next weeks brain draining “tax” visit is much less painful than I’m expecting.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.


My Chakra Tea Results


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have been so busy…so excuse the ramble that will follow. I have been wearing myself out with finally setting up a permanent booth as I can no longer handle the load/unload each weekend…yes my back & body forced me to make the move as well as other things…been an “oi vay” few weeks.

I do have many health issues and so I need to be careful about over-doing it. Well, I decided that perhaps I needed to give my Chakra tea a try. I had wanted to try it with my first test batch but I sold out before I could give it a try myself. I thought I’d share my Day 1 (yesterday) results with you.

I was surprised by the results & how much I could accomplish yesterday after drinking it. I wasn’t that shocked at getting a headache after drinking the first cup (yes, went for the 3rd eye & spirit area first as I knew it was my most blocked) but it did lessen and figure it won’t be as bad when I do it again today.

Yes, I plan to drink the full box…and even have the internal debate going about getting just some of the specific blends now in on top of the assortment pack as I’m sure I’d drink certain chakra’s more than the others.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.


Tai Chi – Simple Movements that do so much


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have had major pain issues the past week due to over-activity and severe weather changes that causes my various disorders to act up.

Often there are times where my herbal supplements, meditation, and other techniques are not as effective and this is where I tap into others I have not shared with you yet.

Many years ago, during my time as an Asian Linguist, I was exposed to Tai Chi, the art of simple movements. It is not an intense exercise but you do feel it the next day, it would surprise many as it does during the first time they take a Beginner’s Yoga class at how sore you can be from stretching.

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that is quite beautiful but low impact. The “dance” can teach you defensive techniques but I found the ability to focus through this movement mediation as very helpful on days of pain or when I have an overactive worry-filled mind.

Some movements I do are not traditional but things I have modified to affect the various troublesome muscle areas in my body but due to the low impact it can be used by almost anyone. I did pull a Harvard Research study and quoted their documented results but there are many studies out there from the Mayo Clinic & more if you wish to research for yourself.

Don’t feel silly if you decide to try it, it is easier than Yoga to do and I find it a great way to start out on learning stretching techniques as well as a way to tap and rejuvenate your own body energy as you focus and calm the mind.

Find you way to manage your body, mind & spirit.

BB! With a raised coffee mug. –Liza M.


You all have Unique Beauty


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have noticed a great deal of hesitation with my patrons at my in-person sales on whether or not to purchase something based upon how they might be “seen” by others. Your style is your own, if someone doesn’t understand why you chose a symbol, you can choose to explain it to them or choose to realize that it’s about how that symbol is viewed by “you” and no one else.

The ability to locate items that are your style or has meaning for you is what is important, not what others around you may think of it. Nature creates many things that are similar but different and it’s that unique difference that gives it such beauty. The same is true for us…we are each unique and may be similar in some ways but it’s in how we are different, whether our point of view, our style, our expressions or something else that give us our own beauty.

Many of the items in the beginning I chose for the store are to assist me in my own paths to overall Wellness but many of them now are from things you’ve told me YOU need to enhance your journey in life.

I do listen and as many of my customers can attest, I do try to locate what you desire, what you need, and will get it for you if I can. I know part of my path is this desire to assist others on theirs. I like the personal touch and my long term plan includes this personal touch, that’s why the number of items I have are not in the large quantities, I like the ability to be able to stock what you desire and not just what might sell “quickly”. You may not realize but as you ask, or tell me your story, it leads me in directions or to things I had not considered and I feel blessed for that.

Your opinion does count, what you need to assist your quality of life is paramount. Please try to enjoy your journey and realize that taking time for yourself is just as important as what you give to others.

BB! With a raised coffee mug. –Liza M.


Triple Moon – Eternal Cycle Symbol


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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. This past weekend someone asked me the meaning behind the triple moon. For years I had a necklace of the triple moon in a different style than the boxes & wind chime but the reason I wore it was as a reminder to myself to encompass all those traits in this time not just when I reached that phase of my life nor to forget what came before.

The triple moon has many meanings but overall it is a symbol of the phases of a woman’s life. The journey from maiden, to mother, to crone and the traits we use or gain during those periods of that phase of life.

Per Ancient Symbols, they provided a longer meaning I like, it is:

“The waxing moon stands for the Maiden and symbolizes purity, youth, new life, beginnings, rejuvenation, excitement, enchantment and expansion. The full moon represents the Mother and represents fulfillment, fertility, ripeness, potency, compassion, giving, caring, nurturing, protection and power. The waxing moon represents the Crone and stands for repose, maturity, wisdom, experience, knowledge, understanding, completion, death and rebirth.”

Whether you choose to view it as a symbol of the Goddess, a Reminder as I do, or in another fashion; I like the idea of being able to bless a home inside and out with such symbols to allow it to be a haven to yourself and others upon seeing and entering.

BB! With a raised coffee mug. –Liza M.



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