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The last week has been extremely busy and also scary.  The Wandering Path online website and store was officially published.  We also began our presence on Facebook and Pinterest.  Our Staff Blog on the website is our primary site for keeping customers updated with what we are doing, but we wanted to make sure we can reach a larger audience with what we are providing on Facebook & Pinterest.  To begin, The Wandering Path LLC, is based in Navarre Florida and is an entirely online shopping venture begun by a veteran who after years of active duty and private government service decided to take a chance and start her own business selling products that she truly believes in.  For years she struggled with health and wellness issues in a high stress profession and watched as herself and others became a bit strained, run down or overall burnt out and wondered if there was another way to earn a living at something that would bring her a sense of peace while still allowing herself to serve others.  The Wandering Path has begun with a small selection of goods, in particular herbal blends, vitamins and teas that help a variety of conditions.  She also realizes that expression and inspiration is also vital to overall wellness so she has chosen some items for the home and individual as well.  Her other passion is locating things that help people.  Her job was primarily in “finding answers” and she’s charged us to also “find what you are looking for”, as a personalized service if you have seen something on your travels or are curious about items, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions, find those products, or even refer you to a supplier if we cannot match anywhere near their price. 

We hope we can help you on your path.  In the next few days we will try to mirror the information we have provided on our Pinterest and Facebook site so you can read the articles we have linked up as to “why” we have chosen to stock those items. 

Blessings on your Path!