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We are beginning our search for products that are eco-friendly and as close to C2C (cradle-to-cradle) production as we can.  We have begun by offering Seed paper. If you didn’t know, you can buy “seed paper”; think of all those little notes you make or even a journal to keep and if you don’t paper recycle this could be a good alternative for you. Seed paper is paper that yes you can write on, but the bonus is that after you’re done…you could toss it on the ground or bury it and feel no guilt because…it has seeds in it and will grow flowers or herbs depending upon the seeds inside. Last week, we ordered journals and some of their garden offerings to see if it interests you..if so we’ll stock the other items based on your feedback. Thanks so much to Toni @ Botanical Paperworks for giving us the “go ahead” to stock their items. We are stocking just the journal and seed kits/seed bombs for now (**due in very shortly, once received they will be on  the store site**), but if you see something in their catalog that you would like us to stock, let us know!

This is the last of the articles and mirroring of our Facebook and Pinterest posts with articles…everything now should be all done on the same day.

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