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Finding your way can be difficult.  Divination or consultation for
understanding or direction has been going on for centuries.  Whether or not you believe in Tarot, Tea Leaves, I-Ching, Runes..etc.. is all a personal choice. The owner does use Tarot, as many of your saw on our last post, especially when she is feeling uncertainty.  She believes that while Tarot can tap into spiritual energy, it is also a way to speak to the unconscious mind.  She jokingly says that often her subconscious knows more about what is going on than her waking mind, and by using Tarot she can get a visual of how she is feeling and perhaps what she needs to pay attention to. She has a personal collection of books around here ranging from Tarot to I-Ching to Runes as they all are very interesting explorations into the possibilities of reading the energies that surround us.  We understand that not everyone uses these types of guiding tools or some are afraid of them as they feel they are “evil” in some way…we hope that they will remain open minded and use them as they see them…whether it is to tap into their divine or allow them a glimpse into their own mind.

We did receive our small stock of Tarot yesterday.  The Celestial card series is only the deck as it is a very traditional deck with identifiers many who have used tarot in the past will understand or quick tools of “how to interpret” are easily available online.  Our two new decks are very interesting, and these do include decks and interpretation books.  The Animal Dreaming Oracle cards are homage to the Native American views of how important animal connections are.  The Messenger Oracle series is our new favorite and many of us want them…but we’ve been told we must wait to see how popular they are before we go pilfering the stock!  The Messenger Oracle has some unique artwork and are very “to the point” on things.  We hope you like them!

Last thought on the matter… “It’s all about interpretation”