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We had planned to post something else today but this concern came up last night with some feedback we received.

We realize that many of our items are blends in the herbal, vitamin and tea sections and people are hesitant to buy as they don’t know “how” they taste and “will they work?” To hopefully address this in the next month or so, we are going to break up some of the items into sample packs (we are thinking 5 days worth) and offer those that way you can try them and then decide if you do want the full bottle/box. These will be made in-house and we are going to try to pair some of the items with complementary items..for example, the Sleep Formula & Clarity (they both help with insomnia, lack of sleep; plus added benefits of helping with aches and other conditions that could affect your sleep) and perhaps Emotion or Autumn tea blends (Autumn teas are good for insomnia and chest congestion; Emotion for those times when your emotions/mind is going and that has you on edge or we may save Emotion Tea for a Mood support combo)…we are debating how to best combine a few of them for conditions people do have. Thank you for your patience and the feedback. -The Wandering Path Staff.