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It hasn’t started out a bad day but more like a “need to wake up” day…so we decided to raid the Tea…as the coffee is running low. The owner has a great deal of tea here but we wanted to sample the ones she ordered. Yes we left money for it so she can’t get too mad. The only one we didn’t touch is the 7 Chakra tea as that is a pack and there are so few in stock. Addie has a thing for Scotsmen, so she went for the Highlander Blend. Joe went for the Sencha (green tea), he had been to Japan before so we all wanted to hear the verdict on that. Dina had a bit of a cough, so she went for the Autumn blend as it helps with chest congestion. The owner came in, saw what we were up to, and just grabbed the box of Springtime to shake off her morning grogginess. Maybe later we’ll need the Emotion and Creativity blends to calm our nerves or give us some new ideas. The Winter blend has already been tested by the Owner’s mom and it really did help with an aching body after a long workweek (she’s a nurse..hard job, long hours..we don’t know how she does it).

We admit, with it still being chilly and damp, we left the Summer blend for when it gets warmer again around here. Let’s just say everyone is enjoying their tea but we know a coffee run is also coming….this primarily former military crew does have a thing for coffee!

Enjoy your morning beverage of choice and if you want any further information on how our tea blends could maybe help you on your “tea raid” days, check out the Teas & Things section of the webstore. Thank you! Hope you are having a blessed day. -The Wandering Path Staff.