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Again there are so many choices, this is what we are thinking…

Essence Oil Scents:

1. Angel’s Trumpet; A fragrant blend of sweet olive, magnolia and heliotrope

2. Peach Mango; A sweet and yummi blend of peach and mango

3. Vanilla Lace by Victoria’s Secret; Sweet vanilla and soft powder

4. Waikiki Sunset; A sweet blend of pikaki and plumeria flowers

5. White Diamond by Elizabeth Taylor (Women); Lily, rose, amber, sandalwood, and oakmoss 

We are also thinking of these electric warmers to start (this is what they look like turned on):


What do you think? The order has not been placed yet so we have a bit of time to choose other scents and the colors (they have oranges, greens, etc..) and other metal scroll work in Chinese & Japanese styles.

Your feedback is important. Thank you! Hope you are having a blessed day. -The Wandering Path Staff.