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This morning started off with another deep chill and we all were feeling more than a bit sluggish and unmotivated. The owner was as well, so she decided to cue up the Vizio to YouTube. We had no idea what she was putting it on until we were told to grab our cups and come watch for just a minute or two. She decided to put it on that Evolution of Dance with Judson Laipply, the one in the jeans and orange t-shirt. Most of us had seen this but once we started to hear the music clips, see him do those dance moves we began to laugh, move a little bit ourselves (not as limber as we used to be), have great “flashbacks” and it improved our mood. Kevin Perdido posted his own version of an Evolution of Dance which was also really good to watch and listen to. In around 20 min, we had conversations going about friends from the past, previous hair and clothing styles….and were overall having a laugh, improving the mood, and certainly seeing the day in a better light.

Music can be a great motivator. Some speak to your body, where you HAVE to move with it, others to your soul where even the music without words makes you feel. We have all used music for celebrations, heart breaks, motivation to do that last bit of a run, or to overall just feel better about the day. Just remember, often music can also be a way to say how you feel when your own words fail you….just remember John Cusack in Say Anything

Find your music, improve your mood for the day, take a trip down memory lane, or find a way to say how you feel. 

Hope you have a Blessed Day

The Wandering Path Staff.