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Our Saturday maintenance day begins with a scattered cloud blue sky. We are working on some new pages for our Primary Website that will allow you to see all the possible scent choices available for ordering in candles under The Wandering Path Scent Journeys and also the choices available in Essential Oils. The Owner spent three hours last night preparing computer code for just one of the pages and we could feel her headache building but she wouldn’t stop until she got one done.

She had thought she had left the majority of major web page building work behind in her previous profession, but she didn’t like having to ask you to “request” a list as you should be able to look at the list yourself right on your computer and fill in the form from there. During her time in service, there was a need for web editors with Analytical experience and so she taught herself how to do it, no school learnin’ there.

As she works on it, we hope to have it for you soon and also try to upload size options and warmer styles later. In other words, her desire to provide you the possibilities to help you express your style and improve your outlook on life trumps any hard work she has to do to allow you to choose.

Many of us worked with her while she was in the military or during her time afterwards continuing to support the military and she always said “If I can make it easier on you to find what you need, I don’t care how hard it is for me to make it that way, I’ll do it.”

She continues to keep thinking about the “end user” more than herself and we love her for that. (And it does make it easier on us as well as we can see the options easily too!)

Have a Blessed Day and a Relaxing Weekend and see how you can make things a little easier for someone else. 

-The Wandering Path Staff.