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As our Monday begins, we know that many places are still seeing freezing temperatures and kids home. The Owner grew up in Michigan, where the snow drifts were large and staying inside was not always the easiest thing to do as a kid. We decided to see if we could find something that even we wish we could try and if the temperatures drop again here in Florida we certainly will at least do this one.

We’ve all blown bubbles as kids…but usually it was a summer activity and not one we would have thought of to do in freezing temps but…turns out, if you do blow bubbles with your soapy wand; or catch one on it before it flies away it will freeze into a delicate ball (the balloon one sounds fun too). 

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Find other educating but really cool activities to get your kids and you out and active but in a safe way during our continued winter.

Have a Blessed Day -The Wandering Path Staff.