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The day started off in the early hours before the sun even showed itself. Thunder and rain pounded but thankfully no power outages. We know that even just a tad to the north of us they are experiencing a deeper chill than us, so we are thankful that it has not creeped any further south.

We have been tweaking our primary website and trying to finish up the sampler packs. We did receive the silk rope necklaces to pair up with our Nepali pendants so hopefully we can get those up on the store site sometime today. Thank you so much for all your patience while we wait on some of our stock to arrive. The oil warmers and essential oils should arrive this week.

Enough about the store and onto some thoughts for the day. Influential friends from the past can re-appear and you feel as if you have found a piece of yourself you didn’t know you were missing. Prior to starting the store, the Owner did not have a Facebook account because she built webpages and socialized for work all day and kept her off time a quiet time. Now that she has the store, she was able to search out and reconnect with both family and friends from the past. Take a moment and think about who helped you or impacted your life in a positive way. They can still be with us or they could have passed; they helped shape who you are and so pass on a thank you to them for helping you on your way.

The Owner often says that her path seemed full of twists, turns, and blind alleys, but at times she had people to help navigate the craziness and without them she doesn’t know if she could have gotten through it without the level of laughter and perspective they brought. You can’t avoid the drama or the potholes life throws at you but you can try to get through it the best way you can and come out of it with some “I don’t want that, or be like that” perspective.

As Valentine’s approaches and you plan for a way to express love openly, also make sure your friends, your wing men/women, your confidants, your laughter inducers, all get a little love too. Take a trip down memory lane and take the time to appreciate the bond that you have as with them. As without our friends, the path through life would not have those fun detours. 

Blessings on your Path. -The Wandering Path Staff

**To my friends both past, present, and future; I say Thank You, as without you I would not have had the courage to take the uncertain section of the path I am on! -L.M. 

Thank You!