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February 14th this year while being Valentines Day is also the Full Snow Moon. Per Native American tradition, this full moon marked the heaviest snow falls and as you watch the weather it would seem this year the label truly fits. It is also important to remember that the heavy snow also means less ability to hunt and hence it’s other name of the Full Hunger Moon. Read more about Moon Names at Space.com

Family and friends of the staff have all reported their record snow falls this year and while we are in the South we just hope everyone is able to stay warm and stay safe. We all can only guess how long this cold winter will last and what will happen come Spring when all that snow melts, these two links are a way to follow along on the current snow falls and also a way to track alerts and shelters if it does get bad.

ArcGIS snow map 

Google Crisis Map for the Snowstorms.

We wish you a blessed day. If you are experiencing that record snow fall, just stay inside….perhaps pull out some board games, old school style, and have some fun that way..enjoy your families and your lives.

-The Wandering Path Staff.