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We will keep this short and sweet today. First “Happy Lovey Dovey” Day to all! Whether you are single, married, partnered, in a relationship…it does not matter, we wish you all ❤ and hugs!

We are happy to say our oil warmers and oils we’ve posted about have arrived and are up for sale, it certainly gives a warm glow around here and the only debate was whether to burn the Midnight Romance candle as it has a great “lovey dovey” smell or the Peach Mango essential oil as it is such a pleasant and uplifting smell. We have decided to go with the Peach Mango for the day and as the sun is on its way to setting to switch the Midnight Romance candle to get the Staff in the mood for when they return home to their partners with “ahem” ideas.

One of the guys has grabbed the new Double Bajra pendants because we told him that it is a “tantric” connected symbol..it is too funny as he has put it on to get his “mojo” going…it certainly has already gotten us off to a good laugh today and he plans to give it to his lady friend to wear with her sexy black dress tonight, which will look nice that splash of silver.

Enjoy your day, make someone else smile…allow the spirit of the day to keep your mood upbeat.

Embrace the day and ignore any thoughts of cliche.

-The Wandering Path Staff.