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Greetings and Salutations on this President’s Day Monday. The weather man says the temperature should get up to the upper 60’s today but we don’t yet know if we should believe it..we’ll just have to wait and see. This morning we wanted to talk about acceptance and curiosity while trying not to judge.

Friedrich Nietzche said: “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

Every person has their own paths to follow and views may differ not to mention change over time. No path is “only one way”, straight roads are rarely truly straight and so if you are curious about other cultures, other religions, other symbols; it is okay to be curious. If you don’t ask the questions then you won’t know the answers. One person’s way may not sound right to you but others ring true. This is why we stock and will continue to stock many items from different cultures and religious backgrounds while also trying to include what they represent by that culture. You can buy an Astamangal without doing so for use in a Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony but perhaps because of what it says to you and maybe you like the auspicious sign carvings and symbolism they represent. You may like the symbolism or the design of the Celtic or Om bracelet without being Pagan or a Hindu. The items just spoke to you. Don’t let a “label” on an item stop you from being curious or accepting of others and their paths. 

 Each of the items we chose spoke to us and only later did we learn some of the meanings. The Owner wears many styles but her primary are Celtic (Pagan if you like) and silver jewelry, while others have crosses, angels, animal symbols, stones/crystals, etc..; so it does not matter, they are expressive of what each person feels now, what they are seeking, and each of us is always curious about what the others are wearing, especially if we have never seen it.

Lines drawn in the sand on symbols and meanings should not be so set; sand moves, tides wash it away, wind blows it afar…why does one symbol have to have only one meaning and only be used for one “group”, we think what is important is what does it symbolize to you.

Please try to be accepting of others, be curious about their ‘why’ but remember not to judge as it is their path and not yours. Brightest Blessings on your Path. 

-The Wandering Path Staff.