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The mood around here is…apprehensive. The Owner is off to see the “tax man.” She left her job almost a year ago to finish school and as it nears the end, she decided to open The Wandering Path LLC to see if she could make a living at doing something she truly enjoys rather than return to a job that, to put it frankly, we saw wearing her down. She shouldn’t have to file the business taxes for last year as we weren’t around but she is taking the paperwork anyway..just in case. She did warn us that she might take a drive afterwards if it is bad to make sure she doesn’t bring her “wth” mood back.

We realize she is a private person but we know she is worried but trying her best to remain hopeful. The Wandering Path was started off out of her small bit of savings she has remaining and she tells us she has been lucky in locating the small bit of stock we have at prices she felt anyone could afford….to make their lives easier (through improved health & wellness) or more expressive/inspirational. We know it was a huge risk for her to take and no, she didn’t have a great deal in savings to start with but she felt like she had to at least take the chance at finding a more peaceful and rewarding path.

So to all those who take a chance on finding their path to their own mental and physical wellness by doing a job they love, we commend you for taking that chance. So here is to hoping The Wandering Path LLC succeeds and that tax man doesn’t take a huge bite out of what she has left in the accounts. We’ve taken one of her photos and added a few thoughts we reminded her of as she left.


May your day and hers proceed with smooth sailing and few ripples. -The Wandering Path Staff.