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If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who, these words are used and seem so much more powerful than “Good Job”; “You’re so smart” ; “Cool” and perhaps it is because over the years, being smart wasn’t necessarily seen as a good thing; doing a good job you expect to hear but doesn’t really impact you; and saying something is “Cool” doesn’t really get someone to look anymore.

Try telling someone they were “Clever” or “Brilliant” and that thing you were seeing/experiencing/they were doing was “Fantastic!” You can even try to do your best British accent if you wish. 

They may think you’re bit of a “nutter” but it’ll make you smile still the same. What brought this on? Well, we have Pensacon this weekend and we are catching up on Season 7 of Doctor Who that got uploaded to Hulu.

Today should be a fun day of timey-whimey adventures and the only hiccup will be “who” is tagged to go pick up the mud masks that arrived….might have to do a creature quiz or something to choose that one.

Find something Fantastic today and see who in your life is ever so Clever and absolutely Brilliant!

From the “tad geeky/scif-fi freaky” Wandering Path Staff