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A simple touch doesn’t cost too much to give but can have such a profound effect. Whether you give an impromptu hug, a comforting touch on the forearm, a kiss on the forehead, or secret glance…it provides that much needed connection to another person that we all need at times.

Our post today was inspired by the following image provided by Lil Sis who retrieved it via Pagan Community posting.


We looked at the image and realized that we often kiss the third eye without realizing it.

We do it as a comforting move to children at night or when they’ve gotten a “boo boo”. Many of also do it to our pets as well but we did not realize it, nor gave much thought to whether or not animals have third eyes as well.

So today we ask all of you to give some form of “free” comfort to your pets or your family. Give a hug without being asked, kiss the forehead of your teenager and feel them cringe and laugh…just tell them it was because you thought they were “Brilliant and Ever so Clever” today. They’ll be confused and that should make it much more fun.

Show affection when you can, not just when you have to but because you want to.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

-The Wandering Path Staff.