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Well, we did it…after “they” did it…whether Vista fixed it or the Owner did after hours of typing command codes and restarting/clearing caches…who knows and we really don’t care..just glad we could get in. The 15 different brocade patterns are finally up for sale as are the Tartan purses & French hand creams.

The warmer weather left us again and we woke to 30 degree weather..so much for grillin’ out today. Grrr. But we do have a package to pick up that was skipped yesterday because of the “technical difficulty”. (We thought it best not to get another item in that we could photo and upload…would have just raised the frustration bar..so we just left it to be picked up..shush).

Our two custom order requests that led to new stock; one is on their way…two new crystal/dragon (one orb style, one long stone) pendants; and a coffee/tea/beer glass with “indicator” line on approach-ability is waiting on final proof of design from us before they start manufacturing. Thanks to all on Facebook that helped pick the wording and let us know you really are looking for something like that..we know we already need at least 5 of them here. Today we will go with a reminder from a cultural and childhood memory icon..Dr. Seuss.

– Wishing you a day where the brains in your head and shoes on your feet lead you in the direction you seek! (oh we made a rhyme…Go Dr. Seuss!) The Wandering Path Staff.

dr. seuss