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Yesterday was a day full of creative thinking. Our order for custom indicator mugs had to be cancelled because they couldn’t be produced in the manner we wanted..but the requests are still there.

It looks like we may be doing some testing on making them in-house, designed by hand. This could be a great thing because if we can pull this off, people could change the wording to almost anything and also perhaps even ask us for truly “specialized” coffee/tea mugs.

We want to make sure that they are still going to be at least dishwasher safe if not both dishwasher/microwave safe, so here is to the “idea fairy” to give us the direction we need to take.

The Owner and most of us are used to needing to come up with alternative plans to make something happen…this is just tapping into our creative sides and we still want to make them affordable as the alternate suppliers were entirely too expensive, so we’ll see what we can come up with here.

Today, our reminder comes from another nostalgia personality..Mister Rogers.

– Discovering who you are…is a path that is winding, often difficult, ever changing, but oh so rewarding.

Blessings on Your Path! – The Wandering Path Staff.