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We came across this last night and do not know whether the predictor/reader is correct but we don’t mind just having the bit of of hope it points to. Plus we admit, her usage of “opening pod bay doors” appealed to our Sci-Fi side…

March 2014 Overview from Alpha Life Trends

The ONE month of March will open up the New Moon on March 1st , at 10 Pisces. Mars has reached 28 Libra, having traveled almost all the way through the sign of Libra. Mars has activated many areas of your life with partnerships, new relationships and friends, especially as located within the area that rules Libra in your chart.

Mars also turns retrograde on March 1st, which will begin to back track, getting the people, friends and relationships moving into the right direction. Mars activates these situations to get them back on track.

As a ONE month, March opens the pod bay doors to the future, allowing the view of a completely new life to become visible.

Saturn has also moved forward to 23 Scorpio and now requires a stronger sense of responsibility to review the deeper side of motives, ethics and intentions.

Saturn becomes the task master that urges you to take on more responsibility, which will be one of the elements of March. The additional tasks you take on will ultimately bring more reward, similar to lifting more weight than was previously chosen.

Jupiter turn direct on March 7th, which begins to show you the way forward. Jupiter has been in the security-oriented sign of Cancer, and has pushed you to review and revise your definition of security. Jupiter has given you options and has shown you to way to move forward to go beyond the past. Jupiter will open many doors on the 7th that will show you the options and opportunities that are available to you.

On March 30th, an additional New Moon occurs, this one at 9 Aries, which activates many of the options that were available in February, but required the pathway to be cleared of old, outdated aspects of yourself, people that no longer belong in your life, and the ending of situations that have clogged up the works.

This New Moon will beckon your true self and push you into your new directions, whether you want to go or not.

Similar to having loaded up with a parachute and the time has come to jump into a new life. This new moon says it is time to jump. Aries provides the spark, the sense of adventure and the ability to go for it that opens an even greater potential for a new life.

– Here’s to hoping March brings us all such possibilities and new directions! 

– Blessings on Your Path!

-The Wandering Path Staff.