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Still another chilly day here in Florida and we are still searching for clear mugs to use that will make it affordable for all to use.

We told you yesterday about our dragon embraced crystal pendants. Symbols and representations of what you are seeking or needing can be helpful to many on their various journeys.

You can like the style or choose to wear one for its supposed meaning. The belief in the use of crystals or stones is a personal thing and it is entirely up to you whether or not that is for you.

We have prepared a graphic as to why we chose the orb style and the meaning of the stones they embrace. Why you choose to wear one can be entirely up to you. We already find ourselves unconsciously touching and twisting the orbs we chose to wear around here…seeming as if we are trying to tap into the various attributes they hold.

Blessings on Your Path! -The Wandering Path Staff.