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Today we began with the graphic rather than words because many people may be finding themselves dealing with sadness, stuck in the grey, or surrounded by darkness. Fictional characters brought to life on film can still speak true words. Each of us has a light inside of us…that “spark” of spirit that can be seen from time to time when we show it.

If you find yourself with occasional bouts of sadness or just cannot seem to “snap” out of it like you normally do, that is pretty normal, humans are emotional creatures and we do carry burdens. When the owner seems to have a “down day” or two…she takes Mood, as we all do if we find ourselves seemingly overwhelmed by what burdens we carry.

The formula is helpful for relieving sadness and depression, and calming the mind. It can also be used for post-traumatic stress disorder. We do match the price if you wanted to buy directly from the supplier as the owner does not want to take business away from the supplier…she has been using their herbal blends for years and believes in what they do. We also have a specific Tea blend for Emotional care as well; from the same supplier and the price again matched to theirs.

Please, care for yourself and others around you.

Encourage the brightness of the inner spark.

Brightest Blessings to you all!

-The Wandering Path Staff.