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Happy Monday all. We hope your transition in time has fared well. Our transition is proceeding as smoothly as can be expected…it’ll take a few days we’re sure before everyone doesn’t have that glazed look in their eyes.

The teas and supplements are helping but we found something that has helped much more..morning laughter and silliness.

Friendship can raise your spirits and the Owner is thankful for hers as business is still proceeding slowly but we try to help her keep the faith that people will be compelled to “shop” soon.

This week we plan to post our “why” sheet for the Wellness Formula and we hope the last of our shipments will arrive.

St. Patrick’s Day is a week away and she is kicking herself for not ordering clover necklaces but the green bags she hopes will sell well. On that day we are going to pull her favorite toast for all of you, but for today, our quote comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. We located a great graphic but couldn’t link it to a designer, so to that person we say a great thank you!

Enjoy your friendships. Share your laughter. Tell your stories. Blessings to y’all on your Paths.

-The Wandering Path Staff.