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Morning all, we hope this mid-week day is treating you well.

Our “tester” run went through five drafts..and many things trying to get lettering small enough..we’ve tried paint brushes (too big), a chop stick (yes, we dabbed with the end of a chop stick..did work, but again too big of lettering), a coffee stir straw (couldn’t get the line to be straight enough), and a nail cleaner…did work sort of…kind of like tattoo dabbing or did a cool outline lettering but that was again too big. Yes we did try stencils too but that didn’t work either.

Don’t worry we haven’t given up…will come up with something. Today we’ve gone with a quote from Jonathan Swift, as we need a new perspective to see what to us is currently invisible to be able to pull this off.

Wish us luck and if you know of anything we could use to allow us to achieve small & clean letters easily…let us know! Blessings to you all!.

-The Wandering Path Staff.