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Evening all, it’s Liza..the Owner @The Wandering Path. I wanted to share with you how well my evening is going.

I bought the purple oil warmer for myself and the Wakiki Sunset essential oil (yes both at retail…and I feel like I got a great deal cause of what it looks like and how it performs!).

I turned it on and found I loved the reflection factor that I’ve been sitting here and just staring at it and breathing deep. I found myself just completely de-stressing as I breathed in familiar smells of plumeria and pikaki. I lived in Hawaii for almost eight years and I loved it.

I even turned on this You Tube video and found my Friday Evening proceeding with a great serenity. Here’s to making my own Haven…and I hope you find ways to make yours. Gotta love color & aromatherapy.

-Smiles & Hugs to you all. – Liza M.

Below are shots of the warmer on my electric fireplace on full & dim; and of course my favorite song by Iz.