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We had promised to highlight the Wellness Complex this week. It was hard to choose just a few of the unique ingredients in this overall supplement.

We carry the full bottle (60 capsules) for $18.67; or you can order a sampler (containing 5 pills) for $5 to try it and see how your body reacts.

We all can help our bodies out with a few additional things because, at least us here…we don’t eat right, eat enough of this or that..or are combating things from allergies, to colds, to aches & pains…and this formula at least works for us. The Owner takes it daily, along with the Klamath and Clarity.and she has yet to have a real cold this whole winter.

This formula has already earned our “need to put our label on it!” status…as we know it works, not to mention we love the fact there are no “extra” ingredients…no sugars, preservatives, etc..that you often see in the fine print at the bottom.

Try it for yourself or research the ingredients. The Webstore photo does pop out to allow for a large view of the ingredients list if you want to discuss it with your doctor.

-Blessings to you all. The Wandering Path Staff.

*click on the picture for a larger & zoomed view*