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Ah yes the Spring Equinox…is it really here or is this merely another tease. We do have the doors open here and are watching baby birds pick scrounge for food.

The resident felines, Callie & Lily stare out the sliding door but the birds pay them no mind. The backyard bunny will no doubt make his appearance today as the grass/weeds have begun to grow tall and yes we realize this means that “mowing” will be back on the agenda.

Okay, today..we need to get off our bums..go outside and decide if today is the day we “pull” the dead and dying bushes and measure for the raised beds we’d like to put up. The neighbors used something on their soil last year that has done damage to our major flower/bushes out in the front yard. So, the owner though we’d pull the bushes and build some raised planter beds and put on one side the “pocket herb garden” and on the other side the “herb bombs”; we just need to measure to get the pieces cut right so we can get what we need from the lumber yard and some bags of dirt. She wants to throw the wildflower seed bombs along the driveway border in the front and the rest over areas of the small backyard.

Seeds Packets

Ambitious plan we know…but she’s already paid for the pocket garden & seed bombs and with the forecast showing signs of steadiness…perhaps it is time to go ahead and see if we can get a start on some fresh ingredients/foods.

Before you ask, we chose the “front” yard; porch area because we have to walk past it…and will remember to water it a great deal more than if we picked a spot in the backyard for them. Here’s to hoping we get motivated to go stand outside and grab that tape measure….

Hope your signs of Spring arrive for you soon!

-The Wandering Path Staff.