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Hello Saturday to you lucky folks who are off. The Owner, she took a “filler” job as she calls it, so The Wandering Path can continue…we knew it would take time for people to notice our items, understand the use of herbal blends and teas..so she wanted to make sure it could keep going.

She will be back in the early evenings now to process any orders that come in and ship them out on her way home from her temporary job. We hope she doesn’t have to do this for too long but she is just happy that she found something that wouldn’t tire her out but allow her to still continue her dream of making The Wandering Path a success and helping those on theirs by providing items or through inspirational posts like we do here most of the time.

For today, the thank you goes to Sun Gazing for providing a great graphic and a great reminder. The Owner calls her “mistakes” her “learning experiences” as she tries to learn from every faux pas said, bad relationship entered, etc… She says if she doesn’t learn from it…she’s going to repeat it..she has to be one of the most ‘self-reflective’ type people we’ve ever met.

So just remember, mistakes happen, just learn from them and use them to guide you on the Path that is right for you.

-The Wandering Path Staff.