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Well Morning four has arrived, it’s Liza again, the owner of The Wandering Path, and I got up extra early today…don’t ask me why, it just happened and since it was close enough to my “alarm” time I just decided to get up vice trying to squeeze in that extra amount of sleep.

The new job training time period is progressing and hopefully soon I’ll be able to proceed on my own. I came across a YouTube Video this morning that was quite inspiring and thank you to Megan Kowalewski for sharing her difficult journey and “dancing through it”.

A life event such as being diagnosed with Cancer is scary and she allowed all of us to share that journey with her, I have embedded her YouTube Video and I have also provided a link to an English Version of a documentary that was made where Megan explains that she tried to hide her fear and just dance through it.

We all experience difficulties, some larger and others smaller but we can get through them with as much grace and laughter as we can.

I know I personally tried to bring laughter to a very special person in my life during his last days on this earth…and that was my only goal was to make him smile and laugh despite what was happening. He left here too early and I miss him every day and still ask for his guidance during my difficult times and will see him again in some form or another…and I can only hope I have done him proud.

So my challenge to you all is to meet your difficulties and dance through them, smile & laugh.

Don’t let that difficulty take away your ability to find joy.

–With a Raised Coffee Mug and wishing you all BB, Liza M.