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It’s my FRIDAY! Good morning to you all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. It has arrived….although yesterday I did wonder. I left for work and spent 3 hours in traffic. There was a fatal accident and well…yes, I was 2 hours late, and some discussions have gone on about extending my hours and some additional duties already.

This could cause me to reconsider the position as it is already an hour drive….so we shall see. I am keeping an open mind but will weigh the changes carefully as I do need to consider the time extension as well as “gas” prices as some of the additions include another location which is a further 20-30 min drive. Ah the perils of being employed by someone else.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to the end of today as tomorrow, the Staff will be back. There wasn’t as much for them without me here so they have been off while I have been at the new position and they are volunteering to help me , so if they didn’t want to sit at my place while I was away,

I didn’t ask them do it as the orders are still few and far between, so no point in them hanging out if they don’t want to. When we are all here, it really is like just a good time with friends, rather than a job. We all love bouncing ideas off each other and I’ve already given them the challenge of figuring out this “lotus blossom” crystal candle holders (or not) problem.

I should have had them test the mugs we prepared to see if they are now dishwasher safe so we can make some more and get the first small test batch up for sale. I think they were scared too though because if the stuff came off, they didn’t want it to be “their” fault, so yeah…they’re waiting for me to do it…so it’s all on me and I can’t get upset at anyone but the mugs and false advertising/instructions on the items we purchased to do it.

Here is to my end of day coming quickly & easily.

Thank you for letting me share this first week with you.

Enjoy your Wednesday and may your Friday arrive swiftly. (And maybe attempt to treat every day like Friday…that is going to be a challenge!) 

–With a Raised Coffee Mug and wishing you all BB, Liza M.