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Morning all. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I had planned to do something else this morning but since I essentially “passed out” when I got home from work…I thought I’d hit on the “don’t wear yourself out.”

We all tend to push it…try to do a lot of things on minimal sleep. We use coffee, tea, energy drinks to “wake up” or make it through the days where we forget to eat, eat horribly..skip our workouts etc..and then we find ourselves either falling asleep for a half a day or sick in bed.

If you don’t listen to your body and find out what it needs and fulfill it, you may find yourself wearing down quickly.

I have been pushing it lately on the “lack of sleep” department. Oh sure, like everyone I have the reasons and sometimes insomnia..but often the insomnia was because I was worried I wasn’t getting something done and have been putting off my gym antics because I’ve been trying to balance this new job position, finishing school, and The Wandering Path.

By adding in the new job and the commute to that…I tipped the scale and need to find a way to re-balance the time as I had a paper to write last night but…looks like I’ll have to squeeze it in today as my body decided I needed to catch up on “sleep”.

Please make sure you find your balance…rest when you need to and listen to your body. With a raised coffee mug and wishing you all BB. –Liza M.