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Good Day everyone. Today we thought we’d hit on the need for small gestures.

We were talking the other day about the small things that people do for one another that can have the largest impact.

It’s nothing expensive or elaborate that stuck in anyone’s mind.

The owner, when asked what her “best gift” she ever received was that got us thinking about our own “small gestures” that really impact us.

She said that the best gift she ever received was a bag of sugar.

Her boyfriend at the time, had woken up before her, and was getting ready for the day. He noticed there was no sugar for the coffee. He drank his black, so the concern for sugar usage was purely because she used it in hers. As she made her way to the kitchen she noticed that he was heading out the door. It was around 4 am, so naturally she asked where he was going. He simply replied “there is no sugar for your coffee, I’ll be right back.” He had wanted to get it before she had woken up and even though she had, he was still going to get that sugar, without any further explanation.

She found that to be the best gift because he had noticed something that she would need and without hesitation went to fulfill it.

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can stay with a person. That run for a bag of sugar in the early morning occurred over 18 years ago, but it still remains in her memory as does the times where a friend sat with you during a crisis, made you laugh during heartbreaks, gave you that impromptu hug when you didn’t realize you needed it the most.

Look around you, at the people that surround you…what small gestures have they done for you, or you for them…sometimes making a persons day brighter involves a very simple thing that doesn’t cost you much of anything.

Listen to them, notice if they need that ear to hear….hold their hand without provocation, establish that connection….simple gestures, and knowing another person is thinking of you can reduce the “weight of the world” at that moment in time.

Brightest Blessings to you all.

–The Wandering Path Staff