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Happy Friday all. We you’re your week fared well.

The owner was in a productive mood yesterday and she’s on the same path today. She says her Amethyst dragon orb pendant is working..and we have to agree..she has been super calm and relaxed even though she is trying to do so much in her “weekend”.

She is off to the Green Door today hopefully to check out their digs and to talk with the Owner down there…they are friends and former co-workers..she loves the idea of wine, art, & music coming together in a spot that has some flair. We’ll see if they can agree on a time that allows them both to sit down for a time as both of these Owners are busy trying to make their dreams a viable reality.

Balance is key…and often hard to achieve. You feel as if you tip one way or another and like a teeter totter…up and down you go, trying to find that middle and when you can..it does feel good. Thank you to Connection To Creative for the graphic…you hit it spot on!

Find your Path and your Balance.

Brightest Blessings to you all.

–The Wandering Path Staff