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Hi Y’all, sorry the for the lack of post yesterday morning…it was a long day and it didn’t end til nearly 9pm. However, it was one of those great days spent with some awesome people.

The Owner made it down to The Green Door to check out the digs as they get nearer to opening. Talk about a throw-back to a Bohemian Atmosphere, where you can enjoy some live music, good drink and lounge about in a unique but laid back space…and truly enjoy being with people. The Green Door also has a highlight space, where local artists can paint & also hang their art among the walls (Yeah Steam Punk Studio!). Yes we had some sampling of the live music from a great kid….and we did our best to encourage him to sing MORE….he thinks he can’t sing..eeek…told him, if he couldn’t… we would have told him! 

We also loved the use of natural materials, lanterns, and just all around “comfort inducing” space….no pressure will be felt there, that is for sure…you can choose to chill on a comfy sofa or perch on one of the many barstools (we told them to add bean bags HAH!…truly lounge)…and just feel the weight of the “real world” leave you as you enter the door. They even rock some old school Vinyl…last night, Bob Marley had his voice heard again. 

We also met the Owner of the Red Lotus Salon….and oh yeah, we are going to go visit her spot (just a short walking distance from The Green Door) and let her pamper us and do something with the lack of hair style here…she is open to try almost anything…so who knows what we will do.

The same area has Tattoo Studios, other hangouts, and gallery’s…a great place to “park once” and be gone for hours.

So our shout out to those following their Paths and in such a way to bring about personal style, Creativity and Expression goes to the The Red Lotus Salon (open now) and The Green Door (opening soon). We so can’t wait to see what they continue to do! If you are in the downtown Fort Walton Beach in Florida…check out the Red Lotus Salon or The Green Door (if they have opened by then)….and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

Find your Path.

Brightest Blessings to you all.

–The Wandering Path Staff