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*Yawn*, morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. This week has been by far the busiest week I’ve had in a very long time.

I admit, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning but my two furry companions…my Calico cats…decided that was NOT an option. So up I got…and I forgot to write down what I wanted to say to you this morning..so instead you get pre-caffeine ramblings.

Pursuing your path; expressing who you are; asking for help; saying thank you and being thankful; all these things can be difficult in different degrees.

Even just exploring your immediate world and noticing the beauty and true friendships you have that surround you can become difficult to see if your own mind is cluttered and body is full of stress.

I know I try to start my day by finding something that “kick starts” my humor…if I can laugh or smile right from the start of the day…then the day doesn’t seem so daunting. You can recall a funny moment, watch re-runs of some old shows that are still “smile inducing” (thank you Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, for letting us access childhood shows….Cosby show re-runs do the trick if you haven’t done it lately).

This morning…in my sleepy-state…I am actually getting “Batty Koda” from “Ferngully” repeating lines in my head…..from the Kmart quote, to the “gravity works”…..I’ve linked up a short other moment that yes..made me smile and start to giggle…

Find a way to start your day smiling.

–With a Raised Coffee Mug and wishing you all BB!  Liza M.