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Morning fellow early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path.

Yes, it is my Friday…thankfully and today will likely be full of chaos that I can hopefully face with a calming influence.

I am going to my regular “filler” job then off to a new place for more “training” which shall be another adventure in quickly learning, asking questions, so I can be finished with it as soon as possible.

I have noticed that sometimes people put more “stress” on things than are necessary and they rule their lives in an increased “chaotic” state then they need to.

Perhaps because I am from a military background…my view on what rates a “chaotic response” is vastly different and I find that many things people are facing are manageable.

You could look at your responses, and perhaps you don’t need to feel the stress of a storm weighing on you unless you choose to.

The new “training”  I am going to do, will mean that those I regularly work with will be putting their “extra time crunches” on me…and that will be met with “it is getting done…the computer only works so fast…”, or “your turn is next…I am but one set of hands and one terminal.”

So here is to being a calming force at the center of their chaos.

With a Raised Coffee Mug and wishing you all BB! -Liza M.