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Hello all! We will keep it short today, as it is “chores” day around here….with the boss lady working Sat-Wed…Thurs/Fri has become inventory review, idea channeling, as well as her trying to do her normal household chores…and also mini vent sessions about some outside drama.

Let’s just say a “neighbor” has decided to irk her a bit…and instead of going all “mean” instead she is going to fulfill her request to the full extreme and we think that neighbor will think again before deciding to leave notes on her door…haha….

So if you have some people who seem to frustrate you with the “petty” things…don’t get too angry, instead look at what they asked…and if you can “fulfill” it to the point where “but I did what you asked” is the response you send out because you went beyond what they would expect…then you can hopefully quiet them for at least a few months.

Here is to tackling some frustrations with brilliance.

–The Wandering Path Staff