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Happy Friday to all you worker bees. We hope your week is ending well. We saw this “photo booth” prank video and it began the laughter around here today as we all entered soaked to the bone. Of course we also go “nothing is free” so be ready to get pranked and enjoy the experience.

The weather has turned wet & cold yet again…Mother Nature has decided to douse us again down here. We’ve seen the crazy weather and heard from relatives up north on how the winter re-surge hit them…while we’ve had wet & windy weather down here..thankfully the Owner has planned for that new fence so if the old one continues to come down..it’s no extra worry for her; we just keep looking at the downed fence panels thinking of how to re-purpose them once the weather stabilizes so we can maybe build some planters or get that pocket garden in the ground. 

Enjoy your Friday, start your day with a laugh; the audio and faces made in the video is just classic. BB!

–The Wandering Path Staff