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Good morning everyone, I hope your week begins well. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path. Today, we’ll go into my “love of light”.

I think I do have quite a few candelabras, candle holders, sconces, and lanterns around my home. I also limited myself of purchasing only one of the Electric Oil Warmers I stock in the store..although I want at least one more for my bathroom….as it would be perfect for creating my own “spa” experience but also to use when getting ready for the day…the fancy essential oils are perfumes essentially…so, maybe soon I’ll use it when the weather warms; I love the idea of it going while I get ready and the perfume type oil scent into my clothes and hair without me overloading my sense by spraying/spritzing.

As you can see below, I do carry medieval style, to lanterns, and a bit more. The Santa Fe style, has the strongest warm vanilla smell even in the box; and of course I like the Scent Journey’s line and hope to carry more in the future. Candle light and the presence of a flame can be so soothing. Whether you enjoy a candle with a memorable or relaxing scent or surrounded by amber-style glass..if it helps you de-stress or create your haven in your home….I hope that some of what I have is your style.

Thank you for listening and sorry if I rambled a bit. More tomorrow…With a Raised Coffee Mug. BB! – Liza M.