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Hello you pre-dawn risers. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path.

Today, I’ll end the “bit of me” look, as I’m sure I could keep going but I’m sure you’d rather I go back to my other types of postings.

I do both business and personal aspirations because I believe that often we all need reminders of how “we want to be” as well as things that remind us of the “joy” that is possible in life.

I don’t push the business stuff very hard, which I know isn’t very smart…but I only hope that things pick up as people understand what I want this business to be about. I’m not out to make a great deal of money; enough to cover the bills and hopefully allow me to open my own shop would be fulfilling my dream to take my passion for things from around the world and ways to help people feel better.

I’m just a warrior who fought for many years and saw the darkness of man…and the darkest parts of myself. I’m just doing my best to find my Serenity….to turn darkened skies to a gray and finally to a sky full of the colors that are possible. I don’t think I could do full sunlight..but I would love to have that colored sky to gaze upon and a reason to smile.

So, onto Soothing the Mind and Hearing the Spirit. I do stock a few decks of Tarot…and I own some myself. I see tarot as a way to not only perhaps hear from others but also…more importantly to hear my own subconscious. Often if I found myself consulting Tarot it was because something was bothering me and weighing me down and it would provide me a bit of information to think about and hopefully clear the foggy block I had that couldn’t allow me to see all the things that were bugging me.

I always have special boxes to keep trinkets or things such as my tarot in. Some people may find that odd but I found it easy to know that I kept things that meant something to me in a special place. As you’ve already seen many times, I carry many different jewelry types. My personal style is more on the Celtic and old world but I wanted to show you some of the unique things I’ve seen over the years as we rotate through some options before I settle in on a style.

As always, your requests can also expose me to another culture or style option…and I’ve found some of our new stuff because of this…the requests I got. It doesn’t hurt to ask, at worst I can’t find it in the price point comfortable for both of us…I do like to try to help fulfill a request, especially when it has meaning to someone.

Thank you for listening. Back to our regularly schedule program tomorrow…With a Raised Coffee Mug. BB! – Liza M.