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Hello to you all. It is FRIDAY!

The weather has gone from the chilly cold to muggy warm…oh the Florida summer really wants to start doesn’t it? Yesterday we came across a graphic depicting a Chinese Belief that we find very true.

Throughout your journeys and different paths you do come across people, some you are there to help along their journey while others are there to help you on yours….some are good meetings, others are not so good.

Some you keep in touch with while others seem to disappear and you often wonder where they went and wish them well. So for today, here is to those brief meetings we’ve had and a thank you to all travelers and passersby who helped along the way. Where your path leads you we hope it is to what you need and also what you seek. And to us here, we hope we continue to follow that thread to the ones who will join us on our paths. 

BB to you all! –The Wandering Path Staff.