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Good afternoon all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Just a quick note today as the staff is out enjoying the sun and good fishing and I see they did not post anything today. I don’t blame them either.

Things are moving along slowly. I know I need to get the lotus blossom object d’art up for sale and I’m disputing the dresses I ordered because they still haven’t arrived after being generous and giving the supplier over two months to get them here..but turns out I am stocking hand creams that are pretty pricy on other stores…and I am charging a bargain so I need to already re-order…lol.

A customer even pointed it out to me that I’m less than half their price…and she told me to take my price up a bit. When I looked into re-ordering, I may have to come up just a smidge because the price for them went up as well…bugger me…shoulda order more from the start. Oh well…at least I still will be a great deal lower…wasn’t my plan, I just wanted some good quality hand lotions..HAH.

As always, I only charge what I am willing to pay myself for things…not necessarily what others out there charge, after all I’m doing this type of business because I love it and I like helping others find their ways on their paths and for now, a slow start as we figure out what you like and don’t like..is the way I am going.

I know things are a bit of a hodge podge of “shiny objects” right now, but that’s how I wanted it to be until I could find those herbal blends, teas, jewelry, beauty items etc…that brought about stress relief/personal expression but at an affordable price. Believe me, if I could give things away..I would..and have in the past if I had extra, wasn’t using something… “just take it” was my motto.

Even when I was in the military and had to leave a station quickly…I once gave away my whole house full of things because I couldn’t take the furniture, dishes, etc…as I had very little time to pack out…so what fit in my car is what I took. I chocked it up to good karma and the people I gave it to…they needed it more than I needed it sitting in storage. Thanks for listening to the afternoon/after work ramblings.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

BB to you all! –Liza M.