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Good afternoon all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Storms are on their way here…the same ones that did such damage in Arkansas..and here is to hoping I wake up tomorrow with things still okay here.

I am in a bit of denial, as I have a bit of a cough and stuffed up nose….I doubled my normal dosage (which is now the normal recommended dose on the Wellness..HAH, still under on the others) of my Klamath, Clarity, and Wellness formulas…and it did help me get through the day.

When I coughed, others started getting that look….you know the one…where they almost look ready to cross their fingertips in your direction as if “keep away sick one! To bed with you!” So of course,  I told my lovely friends to stay home and such today…no reason to come in when I’m not here in case the “bug” is .. you know..”here”. 

Just sipping some ginger-ale as it is entirely too warm for the de-congestion teas I have. I hope you all are faring well on the beginning to your week.

I hope to prepare or find you a good “thought provoking” graphic tomorrow; today, I don’t think you’d want me to create one…it would probably be like a dancing tissue or something haha. Tired minds go loopy.

BB to you all! –Liza M.