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Good afternoon all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. You would think it was night already as the skies continue to darken. The winds are certainly strong, but thankfully they are warm.

I was happy to make it home without much fuss although our next wave of thunder is on its way. The lightening shows were fantastic today and I only wish I’d had my Nikon with me to capture some of them for you. However, I did take this shot at the end of the day at my “filler” job.

It really was a beautiful serene sky even among all the turmoil that was being caused. Outside of the shot is the white capped rough seas, honking horns of people driving too fast in the weather, and of course the winds pushing some things into places they shouldn’t go…people included. It can be quite amusing having a bit of a birds eye view from the upper floors.

BB to you all and have a wonderful evening! –Liza M.