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Good evening all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Cleaning up has begun, and thankfully the community is coming together.

The area has much to deal with as the flood waters did a great deal of damage and then the jail had some sort of explosion…We are fine here and tomorrow I shall find out first-hand how bad the roads are as I make my commute to Destin from Navarre.

I am still keeping this chest cold that wants to settle in from doing just that so I have been just taking it easy here and resting; plus whatever package is waiting for me to pick up for the e-store..can wait a few days as those that need supplies for repairs need to be at the stores much more than I do.

Let’s just say that amount of water hasn’t been seen here, some say in 30 years…even our Hurricanes haven’t been like that. That’s all for tonight as I go to stare and wonder if it’s “soup” again…ugh.

BB to you all! –Liza M.