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Good evening all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Tonight, I am going to give you a reminder I give myself.

As I work this temporary job as I wait to see if my business will take off…I need to be reminded at times to “check myself”. Every person is guilty of egotistic thinking…or judging of others and not really listening or observing.

So, for tonight, I will remember to check my ‘ego’ at the door; listen to those regardless of age, education, or stature…after all I’ve learned a great deal from doing so in the past.

Every now and again…I need to be reminded of these simple things and not close my ears to words that I need to hear and bite my tongue at words I wish to say because of how others may treat me because of their own view on people. I am not them and must do my best to accept that their path and their view on “life” is vastly different from mine.

Perhaps in time, their points of view will change…for now, I can only see if I can speak words they will “hear” and will surpass their self-induced “filters”.

BB to you all and I promise I will continue to just remember to breathe and try not to clench my teeth 😉

–Liza M.