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Good morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Oh the southern summer is beginning to try to take hold. The heat and humidity have made it difficult for me to sleep at night or even want to move. Let’s just say my body is protesting the shift…so I am going to add The Wandering Path multi-vitamin to my daily regime of Klamath, Clarity, and Wellness formulas.

I need those B’s and C’s as I get more and more exposed to the sun and the “tourists”. I’m also trying to hold off buying the Summer Cooling Tea until I really gets up there..my family is here in Florida, but at times like this…I really wish I was in the Northwest or somewhere without the “sticky” heat factor.

I hope to prepare a graphic or a quote for you tomorrow morning as I head off to work, but for today I wanted to let you know we are still here…just trying to adjust to the latest temperature shift.

Take care of yourselves, BB!.

With a Raised Glass of Ice Water! –Liza M.