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Good morning early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I came across a TV show the other day that I found the message they are trying to send a very good one.

It was about individuality and accepting people. They also want to change how people see the word “freak” after all, who wants to be a cookie-cutter “normal”; they even have stickers and buttons with “no more normal” as the message.

As you know, I hope my site and store will be ways for people to find their paths through life by improving their health but also by expressing who they are.

If you are a bit different from others…embrace it. Each of us are “freaks” in our own ways…thankfully! How boring would the world be if everyone dressed alike? Looked alike? Celebrate the individuality and creativity you have. Be your own “freak”, I know we try to and we don’t use the word negatively but as positively.

Now, I know you understand I mean expressing yourself in ways that do not harm yourself, others, or nature, et al…in any way, I really don’t like the fact I have to say that but I know some people may take it as a free-for-all and that’s not what I mean…after all I do believe in karma so I try to remember anything negative I do…will come back to me so I try not to do those things…karma…she never forgets to collect.

If you haven’t watched AMC’s Freakshow…give it a look, …some of their acts may be disturbing but I watched it remembering their overall portrayal of acceptance and celebrating the individuality/creativity of those that express themselves there.

With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB! –Liza M.