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Good evening, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Ah the rain has come again. Don’t get me wrong…I love the rain and am a huge fan of thunderstorms…however, Florida, if you haven’t noticed…is essentially a “swamp” and it’s not like I can just ask the water to “not come inside”. So yet again we are under a flood watch and I admit when I drove home from the temp job tonight, I did that “can you hold off until I get home…please” request to the ether… to any and all Gods that were listening. (Yes I did make it home before things opened up).

I’m sure all of you have experienced those drivers that don’t seem to realize that if they go ‘faster’ in nasty weather, uh…they could make the commute longer by causing an accident… *sigh* …okay, tomorrow I’ll be doing some store web updates finally as I got all the orders that were outstanding, cancelled so I need to go on the search for those items that I couldn’t seem to get in…despite being extremely patient.

Thank you for listening and letting me deal with daily life stuff…even though I’d rather be hunting for inspiring stories, items or antics to share with all of you and put up in the store for sale. It seems my path has entered one of those bumpy dirt roads for a little…hopefully we’ll be back to smooth sailing again soon. Oh, better get this up before the torrential downpour that just started cuts out the power. .

Have a great evening BB! –Liza M.